Destash Sale


This is where I will list items that I have loved all I can love and it is time for them to find a new home so they can get new love. . .from you!
The updated list of items for sale can be found either on my Destash Instagram Account or here on this page. I do my very best to keep this list updated to ensure that what you see here is still available, however, since I do have to work and stuff (if only I could craft all day long!) sometimes there may be a delay, so I apologize if the item you wished to purchase is no longer available.

  • You can reserve an item by leaving a comment under the photo on Instagram or by sending me an email with item name. please don’t send me single messages per product, but one email with everything you want. It’s gets really messy in my Inbox otherwise.
  • If the item is available, I will request for your shipping address, calculate the lowest shipping rate and inform you. 
  • Payment ONLY accepted via PayPal.
    • You MUST use the Friend/Family PayPal option. I will not accept payments which do not use this option because that means fees for me, deducted from the money you send me. I will instead refund you the money you sent me immediately and offer the product to the next interested person.
    • Items will only be removed from here and Instagram after payment
    • Once payment is received, I will pack and ship your goodies to you within (2) days.
  • I will ship internationally but the fee will depend on what you wish to buy and where you are located. If you are outside of the U.S. please let me know in your email requesting the items and I will give you a quote for shipping.  Please note that international shipping generally runs between $12 and $15. 
  • Please do not send any payments before receiving an email from me. Items are also being sold via my Instagram account also aside from my blog. So I need to honor the claims to any items in the order they were received from any of these sources.
  • Most items are lightly used. If item is new or never used , it will be specifically mentioned in the item description.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to ask via email (my email is Thanks so much and happy shopping !!!


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